Political Correctness – The Game for Pandering to the Minority


By Richard H. Frank

Political correctness seems to have reached a new high in the Obama administration. Not only do we refer to terrorists as criminals and their attacks as man made disasters but now are discouraged from referring to radical, extremist Muslims as the source of the ideology for their actions. Instead, we focus on individual organizations given sanctuary by various countries around the world as the enemy of America.  Meanwhile the seeds of hatred continue to be sown throughout the Muslim world. Heaven forbid that we ever tell the truth about where this threat has its roots, for fear of offending some religion, country, race or the ACLU.

Our government has moved so far to the left in defense of the rights of the individual, and the minority, that it is now placing the majority in jeopardy with regard to our national security. The first priority of our President is to protect this nation against all enemies foreign and domestic. No one can deny that his political agenda to” fundamentally change America” has taken priority over the oath of office to which he is sworn. The office of Homeland Security and the TSA are now scrambling to enact new security regulations for international flights, none of which will alter the plans of our enemies, while avoiding the failure to communicate known threats between government agencies.

The prospect of being accused of racial profiling, by minority organizations, continues to strike fear in the heart of this administration. The government will continue to deny the origins of the threat and pander to special interest groups instead of adopting measures to protect the safety of the majority of travelling Americans. The old adage that says, ”If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it might just be a duck”, should be applied for TSA screening. This is not racial profiling but common sense being applied to a very dangerous situation.

Priority setting begins at the top for any successful organization and is the same for our government. In the case of national security the buck “starts and stops” with President Obama. His actions will be a true measure of his leadership.  Continued political pandering will result in further terrorist attempts and a view of our President as being weak on national security.

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