The President and Congress in Denial

by Richard H. Frank 

Christmas Eve 2009 may be the beginning of the end for the Obama administration and the 111th Congress. The Democratic controlled Senate proceeded to ram their version of health care reform down the throat of the electorate on a strictly partisan vote. The actions of Harry Reid leading up to that vote have now been exposed as filled with corrupt dealings in order to gain support for the legislation from individual Senators and must be challenged as non-constitutional. Furthermore their ludicrous claim that the legislation is deficit neutral and reduces costs is an outright lie. I guess Harry Reid and President Obama believe if they continue to create artificial crises and endorse this fallacy the American people will come to believe their rhetoric in spite of public opposition to their agenda.

President Obama’s latest response to the attempted bombing of Northwest flight 253 over Detroit on Christmas Eve came 72 hours after the event. Once again his statement underscored his policy that the incident was perpetrated by an”isolated individual extremist” involved in a criminal act.  This statement is a repeat of his opinion regarding the Fort Hood terrorist massacre. The White House defended the delay in his response to his demonstrated cautious process to examine all the facts before commenting on a particular situation. Unfortunately, he had to return and make a further statement clarifying the incident stating our National Security System procedures are outdated and flawed. We need to implement a full investigation to correct any gaps in security that have existed from past administrations. He continues to refuse to acknowledge a terrorist act and call it what it is even when it blows up in the lap of the terrorist.

So now, like our Constitution, the National Security and TSA procedures are seriously flawed. These are the same procedures that kept America safe from attack over the past eight years. Could it be that the priority placed on security is flawed and those Obama appointees charged with administration of the agency are incompetent and not the procedures?

Obama is using the same tired excuse that we must use the incident as a “learning opportunity” to improve our National Security programs. It seems to me the entire Obama presidency is one long learning experience for an individual that is unqualified and lacking in any executive experience to be President of the United States of America. The Obama administration and the President are content to fall back on their campaign rhetoric that anything negative that happens is the result of prior Bush administration policies. That excuse is growing old. The economy and our Foreign Policy failures now belong to the Obama administration.

When recently asked to grade his administration over the first eleven months he gave himself a B+. I think it is time for the President to come down from the artificial high left over from the election and his inflated ego, step back and examine the disastrous path he, his administration and the 111th Congress have started down. Out of control spending, unchecked entitlements and government borrowing beyond the resources of the Nation will surely result in our Bankruptcy.

The real learning experience for the neophyte Obama would be to examine his political agenda and policies in light of post WWI Germany and the disastrous policies of the Weimar Republic. The parallels between 1924 Germany and the present day United States are alarming. A case study may be found online that could foretell the future of our country. The web page is and the article entitled “The Nightmare German Inflation” examines the actions by the Weimar government compared to the Obama administration and our Federal Reserve with devastating impact on the German people. This article should be mandatory reading for every member of the 111th Congress in order to understand how their recent actions can lead to hyperinflation and ultimately the collapse of the dollar and our financial system.

Congress however marches along in denial of the fact that their actions are in complete disregard to the opinions of their constituents. Like Congress, President Obama is in denial of the results his policies have led to when implemented in the past. His domestic programs to “fix” the economy and create jobs have failed in the past when tried and show no real measurable positive effects today. His foreign policy is a joke as he extends our hand in appeasement to our enemies, apologies for past U.S. transgressions, real or imagined, and expects his words will resolve and heal ancient national disputes. His failure is evidenced by the contempt with which our advisories view President Obama.

With the coming New Year we must restore our government to the Representative Republic envisioned by the Founders under the Constitution. “We the People” can undertake a mission as refounders, and begin a bloodless revolution starting with the 2010 Congressional Elections, to restore the balance of power in our government to maintain a strong prosperous democratic republic.

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