Conservative Resolutions for 2010

by Jayne D. Frank

Having already lived through many decades of Presidents and policies, I can honestly say that 2009 has brought us the worst President and been the worst year of my life so far.  Conservatives in this country have spent the year fighting on many different fronts (i.e., healthcare, bailouts, audit of the Fed, national security, our economy and job losses) and most of all defending our U.S. Constitution.  My husband and I, although sick about what has happened in our country this year, are more energized than ever to get the word out about what is happening, to attend conventions and rallies in support of our Constitution and most of all work toward changing our Congress in 2010.  This is our only “checks and balances” available to Americans and we must prevail to change it!.

So here are some Conservative Resolutions for the coming year.

1.  Keep writing and calling your Congressman about bills still in Congress yet to be passed and on every piece of spending or bad legislation yet to come.

2.  Tell your neighbors, friends, family repeatedly that Obama’s marxist vision of America is wrong; take them to rallies, 912 meetings and everywhere they might get further education.

3. Put more focus on historical curriculum taught in our schools by challenging liberal progressives’ rewriting of history; talk to teachers and principals and volunteer to give a speech in their schools.

4. Stay focused on what your children are taught and fight to have any socialist viewpoint taken out of schools

5.  Watch legislation being introduced to get ahead of pork and other spending, regulations and laws trying to be pushed through in the dead of night.

6.   Continue to insist that our Senators and Representatives READ THE BILLS that they are voting on.

7.  Question with Boldness and Speak without Fear – Especially where our national security is concerned.  The White House does not recognize that we are at war with terrorists!

8.   Fight to kill the healthcare bill and have Congress start over!  This will be an economic and healthcare disaster unless fraud, abuse and tort reform are taken care of first.

9. Continue to expose the lies about climate change that would result in regulations for the United States and put a strangle hold on our citizens.

10.  Above all, reread and learn the Constitution and make your Congress and the President adhere to its principles and values; if they don’t, call for Constitutional legal challenges.

God Bless all and our Country in 2010

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