Stuck on Stupid

By Jayne D. Frank

Let me start with remarks to Janet Napolitano, US Homeland Security Chief, who initially said that “the system worked” in preventing Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab from blowing up Flight 253  at Detroit Metro Airport, as well as President Obama, who for 3 days has remained completely silent on the subject while vacationing in sunny Hawaii.  WHAT PART OF “THEY WANT TO KILL AMERICANS” don’t you understand? Once again you and the Administration have come to a precipice, but this time you are now “leaping” over that cliff in the name of political correctness so as not to profile, accuse, or hurt the feelings of those that want us dead.   Let me do some REAL profiling for you.  The 269 passengers and crew on board Flight 253 were daughters, husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, babies.  Each person on that plane and those on the ground that also would be affected, were targets of a radical Nigerian jihadist, whose own father had informed authorities was a risk and was on a slippery slope of death and destruction.  He was on a watch list that no one in the government can seem to take responsibility for in its accuracy or enforcement.  Still, he boarded a flight and only by the grace of God (oh there goes that Higher Power again that we aren’t to speak about) was his weapon of mass destruction a dud and all on board were spared. It has now been reported that he has had ties with Al Qaeda in Yemen.

But rather than embrace the grace of God, or the brave young man on the flight who put a choke hold on this man, or even immediately condemn (yes you Barrack) the “terrorist” that did this, there have been a series of events that have transpired since then that frankly make me ill and totally disgusted with this liberal administration.  The terrorist (yes, Janet I called him a terrorist) was taken to the hospital and was handed over to Federal court jurisdiction, when in fact, he should have been taken off the plane by the military and tried by the military, and by the way questioned in any way necessary to find out where in Yemen in got his orders to take this action.   He was given a court-appointed attorney immediately, probably quicker than any American would be given the same right, read his “rights” and now his hearing in Federal court has been postponed because his attorney is concerned about him needing skin grafts because he burnt himself in the act of trying to blow us all up!  Since the original posting on this blog we hear that 2 of the released Guantanemo prisoners may have been associated with this foiled terror plot.

I can’t seem to get past the anger and outrage I feel as an American because of how the Administration has treated this incident and what they intend to do to fix the problem. Tommy Franks quite eloquently put it when he said the Administration is stuck on stupid!  I can’t tell whether there is plain incompetence from Homeland Security down to the TSA, or if so many constraints have been put in place by this Administration that people cannot track terrorists on lists anymore, ask questionable passengers to undergo a thorough screening, or even handle near-tragedies like Flight 253 with any sense of protecting Americans.  In any case, all one needs to do is look at the releases of Guantanamo prisoners back to Yemen by the Administration (or to American prisons), look at the shoddy investigation of another scumbag radical Muslim at Fort Hood who murdered our precious soldiers in cold blood, to know that we are on an extremely dangerous path which can only result in another 911.  When that does happen, you can count on Obama, or his lackeys, blaming the Bush administration, for this is an Administration that cannot take responsibility for any of its actions.   I am truly afraid for my fellow Americans.  Words are just words, and let’s not forget who is best at nothing but words-our Commander in Chief; he will never believe in America as a super power; he does not feel that America is a great nation, and with all his global view on the world, he will never be in a position to protect Americans from future actions like the attempted bombing of this plane and everyone aboard.

A rather interesting side note to all of this.  After 911 when they actively recruited and dramatically increased airport security and had so many openings for TSA employees, this writer applied, with resume, to fill one of these slots. My many years of managerial experience having responsibility for over $250 billion in assets for a major corporation would at least put me in the front of the line with the experience and intelligence to handle the job.  I received a short but to the point letter from the government indicating that I was “overqualified” to be a TSA agent.

What is it going to take for this Administration to admit that these are not isolated criminal acts but calculated terrorist actions designed to destabilize our democratic Republic and weaken our capitalistic system in a way to destroy the America that we all know and love.

To ignore the realities that we are at war with a radical fundamentalist Muslim movement is to affirm that the Administration is “stuck on stupid!”

by Jayne D. Frank

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