Suggested List of 2010 Resolutions for President Obama and Congress from the American People

By: Jayne D. Frank

Other than enjoying the love and time with our families this Christmas, most Americans are nervous and pessimistic about their futures and those of their children, and this nervousness is at the core of everything Americans are doing.  They are not spending money because they don’t know if they will lose their jobs, are not buying or selling their houses, are concerned about taxes they will be incurring, and most importantly are upset and anxious about their loss of liberty in the direction the government is taking.  So let me be one of the first to jump ahead to a Suggested List of 2010 Resolutions for President Obama and Congress  from the American People:

For Congress

  • Straighten out your own fiscal house before you spend any more of our money.
  • Pledge not to shoulder our children and grandchildren with any more debt until this is done.
  • Stop the deal making, on both sides of the aisle, in order to buy votes.
  • Listen to the America people or we will vote you out and replace you with OUR candidates.
  • Stop pursuing loopholes to get around adhering to our Constitution which you took an oath to uphold.
  • Get some backbone Republicans and join with the majority of Americans to stop the socialization of our Country.
  • Stop treating the American people like morons; we know exactly what is going on and who is doing what.  We will remember.
  • Remember your brothers, sisters and parents are just plain Americans also are affected by your cutting seniors’ COL adjustments, their earned benefits and what freedoms and liberties they have left.
  • And by the way, quit slamming seniors every chance you get; you still work for us and we vote in large numbers.
  • You might want to get certain members of Congress out of our faces for awhile if you have any chance of getting even justified legislation through in 2010.  Those members are Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and Alan Grayson.  We are tired and worn out from their rhetoric.

For President Obama

  • Remember that you did not win by a landslide and many of those voters were only voting AGAINST another Republican; so try and humble yourself in 2010 and put your chin down.
  • Resolve to work in your office more and stop spending taxpayers’ money flying all over the globe promoting your one world government and apologizing for America.
  • You might want to remember in 2010 that our Constitution is not “flawed” and that it is the document and on whose principles you took an oath of office to faithfully protect and defend.
  • Just as we have done with Presidents previous to you, Americans would like to turn on the television set each day without being flooded with your “appearances”, your teleprompter speeches and your opinions on every aspect of our life; basically stay out of our lives
  • You may want to reconsider telling us how to eat, what to eat, what to drive, what to purchase, what kinds of houses to live in, how much money we can make, and what doctors we can see and when; this is not your job and you have no Constitution authority to do this.
  • You may want to consider the fact that your views on the way things should be are not in the best interest of our welfare and the country; Americans continue to give you a failing grade and low approval rates
  • You may want to stop the expensive parties and spending in Washington while Americans can’t find jobs and can’t make it from paycheck to paycheck and are losing their houses.  It just doesn’t look right.
  • You should resolve to quit treating Americans like they are uneducated, uninformed and don’t know what they are talking about; I assure you, we are very knowledgeable and educated on what is going on with your administration and we won’t allow our country’s liberties to be taken away.
  • Please resolve to stop shoving manipulated climate information down our throats while there is record snow and cold temperatures all over the world; we already take care of our share while recycling, saving energy, driving emission-friendly cars that we can afford and choose to drive.  You and your administration should focus more on making America energy independent and developing the resources in this Country for our own use.
  • Decide to take no more vacations (or at least come back to America) while terrorists are trying to blow up our planes and kill Americans

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