Principles and Values, Not Political Ideology

By Richard H. Frank 

Various polling organizations and the news media all conduct polls asking who is to blame for our current economic situation including unemployment, the financial system failure and the real estate market crash. The list of culprits includes such names as Presidents Obama, Bush, Clinton, and Carter along with Congress, big business the banking industry and on and on. The absolute truth is that “We the People”, the electorate, are the ones to blame. We have become fat, dumb, happy and apathetic toward accepting our responsibility to elect representatives to office that know and understand the Constitution of the United States of America. Our allegiance to some particular political party, Republican, Democrat, Libertarian etc. has dulled our senses for reality as to where these political party ideologies are taking this country. It has become too easy to vote a straight ticket for candidates, or for the lesser evil, as opposed to knowing where they stand on the real issues confronting this nation. We as a nation have become too involved with our day to day existence to know if the issues being considered by the Political Parties are in fact legitimate for government to legislate or should be left to the private sector and free market to find solutions.

If you doubt my assertion about apathy, just look at the voter turnout for midterm and local and state elections as opposed to the Presidential contest every four years. In the past seven midterm elections voter turnout has ranged between 38 and 42% while Presidential election turnout has ranged between 49 and 57%. On the average 60% of the electorate are not participating in the selection of our representatives. Moreover, the United States ranks among the lowest four countries for voter participation out of 34 nations that conduct democratic elections. This is no sterling endorsement for our beacon of democracy.

Government actions over the past 12 months have served as a catalyst wake up call for this country. Movements such as the Tea Party and 912 Organizations have stirred the patriotic cauldron and brought to light a need for refounding this nation under principles of our Constitution. The movement has been belittled by many in Congress as extremist and radical. Nancy Pelosi calls it Astroturf and not a grassroots effort to alter the direction the government is taking the country.

These movements are non-partisan and they have no political affiliation or agenda save to restore the country under the Constitution which our elected representatives are sworn to preserve, protect and defend. The attacks on these movements come from both the Republican and Democrat parties as being un-American and radical mobs. They have treated members of these organizations with distain and ridiculed them at town hall meetings for evoking our Constitution when debating the legitimacy of proposed legislation. They, along with the media, have ignored the massive turnouts and demonstrations by these patriots in opposition to the legislation they are proposing. They assert that these individuals are not representative of their constituents and will go away if ignored.

The truth is these politicians fear the power of this movement and hope to silence the opposition to their political platform and ideologies through threats and intimidation. Evidence of this is showing up as contributions to the Republican and Democratic National Committees are slowing down from their traditional rank and file contributors. Also, those seeking office in these parties are being asked to distance themselves from attending and giving any support to these groups and to disavow the movement. The Tea Party and 912 organizations are not attempting to organize a new political party but to assure that candidates for office from either party hold to the principles and values contained in the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution. Their rally cry is P&V not D or R. Principles and Values over Party needs to be the criteria that all candidates are measured upon.

Now is the time to organize, educate and mobilize for the coming 2010 elections. Organize in support of candidates that support the principles and values the country was founded upon. Educate yourself on the Constitution and what power the government has under the document. Mobilize, participate, encourage others and make your voices herd at the ballot box in 2010 to re-found America under the Constitution. Remember, “When the people fear government we have tyranny. When the government fears the people we have liberty” (1)

(1) Thomas Jefferson

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