The President and Congress in Denial

by Richard H. Frank 

Christmas Eve 2009 may be the beginning of the end for the Obama administration and the 111th Congress. The Democratic controlled Senate proceeded to ram their version of health care reform down the throat of the electorate on a strictly partisan vote. The actions of Harry Reid leading up to that vote have now been exposed as filled with corrupt dealings in order to gain support for the legislation from individual Senators and must be challenged as non-constitutional. Furthermore their ludicrous claim that the legislation is deficit neutral and reduces costs is an outright lie. I guess Harry Reid and President Obama believe if they continue to create artificial crises and endorse this fallacy the American people will come to believe their rhetoric in spite of public opposition to their agenda.

President Obama’s latest response to the attempted bombing of Northwest flight 253 over Detroit on Christmas Eve came 72 hours after the event. Once again his statement underscored his policy that the incident was perpetrated by an”isolated individual extremist” involved in a criminal act.  This statement is a repeat of his opinion regarding the Fort Hood terrorist massacre. The White House defended the delay in his response to his demonstrated cautious process to examine all the facts before commenting on a particular situation. Unfortunately, he had to return and make a further statement clarifying the incident stating our National Security System procedures are outdated and flawed. We need to implement a full investigation to correct any gaps in security that have existed from past administrations. He continues to refuse to acknowledge a terrorist act and call it what it is even when it blows up in the lap of the terrorist.

So now, like our Constitution, the National Security and TSA procedures are seriously flawed. These are the same procedures that kept America safe from attack over the past eight years. Could it be that the priority placed on security is flawed and those Obama appointees charged with administration of the agency are incompetent and not the procedures?

Obama is using the same tired excuse that we must use the incident as a “learning opportunity” to improve our National Security programs. It seems to me the entire Obama presidency is one long learning experience for an individual that is unqualified and lacking in any executive experience to be President of the United States of America. The Obama administration and the President are content to fall back on their campaign rhetoric that anything negative that happens is the result of prior Bush administration policies. That excuse is growing old. The economy and our Foreign Policy failures now belong to the Obama administration.

When recently asked to grade his administration over the first eleven months he gave himself a B+. I think it is time for the President to come down from the artificial high left over from the election and his inflated ego, step back and examine the disastrous path he, his administration and the 111th Congress have started down. Out of control spending, unchecked entitlements and government borrowing beyond the resources of the Nation will surely result in our Bankruptcy.

The real learning experience for the neophyte Obama would be to examine his political agenda and policies in light of post WWI Germany and the disastrous policies of the Weimar Republic. The parallels between 1924 Germany and the present day United States are alarming. A case study may be found online that could foretell the future of our country. The web page is and the article entitled “The Nightmare German Inflation” examines the actions by the Weimar government compared to the Obama administration and our Federal Reserve with devastating impact on the German people. This article should be mandatory reading for every member of the 111th Congress in order to understand how their recent actions can lead to hyperinflation and ultimately the collapse of the dollar and our financial system.

Congress however marches along in denial of the fact that their actions are in complete disregard to the opinions of their constituents. Like Congress, President Obama is in denial of the results his policies have led to when implemented in the past. His domestic programs to “fix” the economy and create jobs have failed in the past when tried and show no real measurable positive effects today. His foreign policy is a joke as he extends our hand in appeasement to our enemies, apologies for past U.S. transgressions, real or imagined, and expects his words will resolve and heal ancient national disputes. His failure is evidenced by the contempt with which our advisories view President Obama.

With the coming New Year we must restore our government to the Representative Republic envisioned by the Founders under the Constitution. “We the People” can undertake a mission as refounders, and begin a bloodless revolution starting with the 2010 Congressional Elections, to restore the balance of power in our government to maintain a strong prosperous democratic republic.

Conservative Resolutions for 2010

by Jayne D. Frank

Having already lived through many decades of Presidents and policies, I can honestly say that 2009 has brought us the worst President and been the worst year of my life so far.  Conservatives in this country have spent the year fighting on many different fronts (i.e., healthcare, bailouts, audit of the Fed, national security, our economy and job losses) and most of all defending our U.S. Constitution.  My husband and I, although sick about what has happened in our country this year, are more energized than ever to get the word out about what is happening, to attend conventions and rallies in support of our Constitution and most of all work toward changing our Congress in 2010.  This is our only “checks and balances” available to Americans and we must prevail to change it!.

So here are some Conservative Resolutions for the coming year.

1.  Keep writing and calling your Congressman about bills still in Congress yet to be passed and on every piece of spending or bad legislation yet to come.

2.  Tell your neighbors, friends, family repeatedly that Obama’s marxist vision of America is wrong; take them to rallies, 912 meetings and everywhere they might get further education.

3. Put more focus on historical curriculum taught in our schools by challenging liberal progressives’ rewriting of history; talk to teachers and principals and volunteer to give a speech in their schools.

4. Stay focused on what your children are taught and fight to have any socialist viewpoint taken out of schools

5.  Watch legislation being introduced to get ahead of pork and other spending, regulations and laws trying to be pushed through in the dead of night.

6.   Continue to insist that our Senators and Representatives READ THE BILLS that they are voting on.

7.  Question with Boldness and Speak without Fear – Especially where our national security is concerned.  The White House does not recognize that we are at war with terrorists!

8.   Fight to kill the healthcare bill and have Congress start over!  This will be an economic and healthcare disaster unless fraud, abuse and tort reform are taken care of first.

9. Continue to expose the lies about climate change that would result in regulations for the United States and put a strangle hold on our citizens.

10.  Above all, reread and learn the Constitution and make your Congress and the President adhere to its principles and values; if they don’t, call for Constitutional legal challenges.

God Bless all and our Country in 2010

Stuck on Stupid

By Jayne D. Frank

Let me start with remarks to Janet Napolitano, US Homeland Security Chief, who initially said that “the system worked” in preventing Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab from blowing up Flight 253  at Detroit Metro Airport, as well as President Obama, who for 3 days has remained completely silent on the subject while vacationing in sunny Hawaii.  WHAT PART OF “THEY WANT TO KILL AMERICANS” don’t you understand? Once again you and the Administration have come to a precipice, but this time you are now “leaping” over that cliff in the name of political correctness so as not to profile, accuse, or hurt the feelings of those that want us dead.   Let me do some REAL profiling for you.  The 269 passengers and crew on board Flight 253 were daughters, husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, babies.  Each person on that plane and those on the ground that also would be affected, were targets of a radical Nigerian jihadist, whose own father had informed authorities was a risk and was on a slippery slope of death and destruction.  He was on a watch list that no one in the government can seem to take responsibility for in its accuracy or enforcement.  Still, he boarded a flight and only by the grace of God (oh there goes that Higher Power again that we aren’t to speak about) was his weapon of mass destruction a dud and all on board were spared. It has now been reported that he has had ties with Al Qaeda in Yemen.

But rather than embrace the grace of God, or the brave young man on the flight who put a choke hold on this man, or even immediately condemn (yes you Barrack) the “terrorist” that did this, there have been a series of events that have transpired since then that frankly make me ill and totally disgusted with this liberal administration.  The terrorist (yes, Janet I called him a terrorist) was taken to the hospital and was handed over to Federal court jurisdiction, when in fact, he should have been taken off the plane by the military and tried by the military, and by the way questioned in any way necessary to find out where in Yemen in got his orders to take this action.   He was given a court-appointed attorney immediately, probably quicker than any American would be given the same right, read his “rights” and now his hearing in Federal court has been postponed because his attorney is concerned about him needing skin grafts because he burnt himself in the act of trying to blow us all up!  Since the original posting on this blog we hear that 2 of the released Guantanemo prisoners may have been associated with this foiled terror plot.

I can’t seem to get past the anger and outrage I feel as an American because of how the Administration has treated this incident and what they intend to do to fix the problem. Tommy Franks quite eloquently put it when he said the Administration is stuck on stupid!  I can’t tell whether there is plain incompetence from Homeland Security down to the TSA, or if so many constraints have been put in place by this Administration that people cannot track terrorists on lists anymore, ask questionable passengers to undergo a thorough screening, or even handle near-tragedies like Flight 253 with any sense of protecting Americans.  In any case, all one needs to do is look at the releases of Guantanamo prisoners back to Yemen by the Administration (or to American prisons), look at the shoddy investigation of another scumbag radical Muslim at Fort Hood who murdered our precious soldiers in cold blood, to know that we are on an extremely dangerous path which can only result in another 911.  When that does happen, you can count on Obama, or his lackeys, blaming the Bush administration, for this is an Administration that cannot take responsibility for any of its actions.   I am truly afraid for my fellow Americans.  Words are just words, and let’s not forget who is best at nothing but words-our Commander in Chief; he will never believe in America as a super power; he does not feel that America is a great nation, and with all his global view on the world, he will never be in a position to protect Americans from future actions like the attempted bombing of this plane and everyone aboard.

A rather interesting side note to all of this.  After 911 when they actively recruited and dramatically increased airport security and had so many openings for TSA employees, this writer applied, with resume, to fill one of these slots. My many years of managerial experience having responsibility for over $250 billion in assets for a major corporation would at least put me in the front of the line with the experience and intelligence to handle the job.  I received a short but to the point letter from the government indicating that I was “overqualified” to be a TSA agent.

What is it going to take for this Administration to admit that these are not isolated criminal acts but calculated terrorist actions designed to destabilize our democratic Republic and weaken our capitalistic system in a way to destroy the America that we all know and love.

To ignore the realities that we are at war with a radical fundamentalist Muslim movement is to affirm that the Administration is “stuck on stupid!”

by Jayne D. Frank

Government-Mandated Health Care Legislation and the Constitution

By Richard H. Frank 

As the Senate approaches the eleventh hour for passage of their version of healthcare legislation, we are finally hearing a few conservative voices questioning if such legislation is in fact constitutional.  Obviously, the democratic leadership in the House of Representatives and the Senate are not familiar with the Constitution or they would know that the legislation as written is neither allowed for nor in agreement with that document.  

Some congressional lawyers contend that Congress has authority to make laws under the Commerce Clause.  Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution does not empower Congress to legislate mandates upon the citizenry which are contained in their bill.  The Commerce Clause does allow regulation between the states and foreign nations but does not allow direct regulation of the citizen.  The appropriate role of congressional involvement might be to allow health care companies to sell insurance across state lines. This would create greater competition and an immediate reduction on premiums paid by employers and/or individuals.

 Another argument used to thwart the Constitution is that “to provide for the general welfare of the United States” is authorized by the Constitution. This language is taken completely out of context.  The Constitution provides that the power to lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts and excises, to pay the debts, and provide for the common defense and general welfare… shall be uniform through the United States” does not extend to heath care.  “General welfare” means to protect the nation” not to mandate insurance purchases by individuals and impose fines and/or imprisonment upon them should they fail to purchase the same.  This would be pure tyranny! 

Those of us who believe in the Founders’’ intent of the Constitution argue that any such legislation enacted by Congress and the President is in direction violation of the “Tenth Amendment.” 

“The powers not delegated to the United States (Congress) by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it (the Constitution) to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the People.” 

The Tenth Amendment makes such legislation the province for the states and not the Federal Government.  The Constitution is not silent and cannot be clearer on this matter. 

Should the proposed legislation proceed and become law, it is incumbent upon every citizen to pressure their state legislatures to challenge the constitutionality of the law and restore the proper balance between state and federal governmental power. 

In the interim, we must challenge our representatives and senators to stand firm and address the constitutionality of this legislation while in conference.  Stop this legislation now before it becomes law or our freedoms will be impacted forever.

Thirty Pieces of Silver – The Price for a Senate Vote.

By Richard H. Frank

The Senate Health Care Bill, not as yet written, is scheduled to be voted on by the full Senate on December 24th, 2009 at about 7:30 pm. To my knowledge, the membership has yet to see the 2000+ page document that they will be casting their vote to approve. Yet there appears to be unanimous agreement among Democratic proponents that the Senate version of health care reform will be passed and presented to a conference committee to resolve the differences between the House and Senate versions of the bills. This action positions government controlled health care beyond the halfway point to becoming law. The snowball rolling downhill for the past ten months is about to turn into an avalanche. The Democratic controlled Congress will pull out all the stops to approve any form of legislation for Obama’s signature in order to claim victory over capitalism and the free enterprise system. Rest assured that Nancy Pelosi will manipulate whatever rules, and employ any tactic necessary, to fast track this onerous legislation to President Obama to become law and advance his agenda to fundamentally change America.

What has become evident, and so shameful about the legislative process, is the greed and corruption used to secure individual Senators votes. Once again congress has assumed an air of superiority and arrogance and is not representing their constituents. Party ideology, special interests, money and corruption overshadow the legitimate wants of the electorate. Thomas Jefferson might ask Congress today, “What price for your vote?” since it appears that virtue, trust, intellect, sound judgment and principles are in short supply in the 111th Congress.

We need not be surprised however, since this is not the first time in history, nor will it be the last, that a trust is betrayed for 30 pieces of silver. Mary Landrieu and Ben Nelson can be added to the list of liberal hacks willing to sell their votes in opposition to the wishes of their constituents. This legislation is just another nail in the coffin of our Representative Republic and movement of the nation toward socialism and the loss of more individual freedom.

A Tribute to the Greatest Generation

By Richard H. Frank 

It was the Saturday before Christmas 2009 and my wife Jayne and I had stopped at one of our favorite breakfast places along Florida’s Nature Coast. The restaurant was jammed, as usual, with retired seniors that appreciate good food at reasonable prices.  The difference today was that there were two gentlemen wearing caps with military insignia and lettering indicating they were World War II veterans. These men were not together and it did not appear that they were connected in any way other than having served their country.

As the first man approached our table, along with his spouse, my wife inquired about his cap and stated how proud she was of his service. He smiled broadly and stated that he was now 87 years old and thanked us for our interest. His wife laughingly said, “we shouldn’t praise him too much as his head was already too big”. We all chuckled and they wished us a merry Christmas as they left the restaurant.

A few minutes later the second veteran approached our table and Jayne inquired if he knew the other individual we had spoken with. He said no. His facial expression became somewhat wistful as he said, “there aren’t too many of us left any more.”He and his wife also wished us a merry Christmas as they departed.

We looked at each other realizing that we had just experienced something that our grandchildren may never have the opportunity to appreciate. Meeting two individuals from the “Greatest Generation” and their spouses, who proudly displayed their patriotism and recognition of God by having wished us a merry Christmas.

I can only imagine what thoughts must go through the minds of those veterans, who fought to preserve our liberties, as they witness the actions of our Federal Government today. The words of the second veteran echo in my mind; “There aren’t too many of us left anymore.” Not too many left to impart to the “Now Generation” the values and principles that they and millions of others put their lives on the line to protect. Not too many left to explain how their work ethic, after the war, and appreciation of our free enterprise system made America the envy of every other nation on the planet. Not too many left that can attest to the true meaning of, “ONE NATION, UNDER GOD WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL.”

It only took us 60 years to acknowledge their service with a memorial in Washington D.C. I fear however, that our high school text books and curriculum fail to teach the principles and values contained in the Declaration of Independence and enumerated in the Constitution that these men served to protect and defend. Today, if we are not vigilant, big government will continue to erode our freedom and liberty and move this nation toward socialism and not the America our Greatest Generation fought to preserve.

May God bless all of our veterans and service men and women today. May God continue to bless this Republic and keep it truly free.

Global Warming vs. Congressional Spending – Which Will Destroy America First?

By Richard H. Frank

To most Americans, myself included, it is difficult to grasp the enormous numbers associated with our National debt. I hear commentators making statements that the debt had doubled over the past eight years, or that government has increased the debt greater than all the debt incurred since founding the Republic. These statements and comparisons mean little without understanding what has occurred throughout the history of this magnificent nation. Since each of us have a limited view, based upon our life experiences, of what has happened with the National Debt I have attempted to examine and trace its history based upon time and major events, or legislation affecting how we arrived where we are today.

Time Frame: Duration: Average National Debt: Multiple Increase: Major Events:

1791 – 1860      69 years       $53.3 Million Dollars              Base Line “0”   Founding the Nation.

1865 – 1915      50 years       $1.2 Billion Dollars                      4 Times            Growing the Nation.

1920 – 1960     40 years       $135.6 Billion Dollars             254 Times        New Deal /Social Security WWI – WWII.

1965 – 1990    26 years        $1.7 Trillion Dollars            3189 Times         Medicare/Medicaid, The Great Society and Civil Rights legislation.

1991 – 2000    9 Years            $4.9 Trillion Dollars           9193 Times       First Iraq War / Tax Inc.

2000 – 2006   6 years     $7.1 Trillion Dollars     13320 Times     9-11 Attack –  Second Iraq war –  Prescription drug program.

2006 – 2009    3 years        S14.0 Trillion Dollars          26266 times       Financial Bailouts /Stimulus / Nationalizing Auto Industry.

It becomes obvious that some major influence altered our philosophy about incurring a growing national debt between the first 119 years and the second 114 years of our 233 year history. That influence presented itself about 1920, and has persisted at varying degrees, within government ever sense. There is no doubt that the political philosophy for progressivism and social activism has been ever present in the Congressional and Executive ranks of government starting with Woodrow Wilson and continuing with both Roosevelt presidencies and the  Johnson, Clinton and Obama administrations. The good intentions, for much of the social welfare legislation enacted over the past 70 years, has lacked a balance with our fiscal ability to meet the obligations created by that legislation. Redistribution of wealth through taxes, regulation of commerce and nationalization of businesses and natural resources has placed a strangle hold on the economic prosperity of the nation. The free enterprise system has been stifled and no longer used to find solutions to problems through free market activity. Additionally, it seems in vogue to create a crisis whenever it appears politically expedient for the administration, Republican or Democratic, to do so. Global Warming and the Health Care crisis are the most recent examples of misdirected attention for government resources. Government spending over the past 70 years has put the nation on a path toward socialism and more importantly since 2000 hurtling toward bankruptcy. We need not worry about global warming over the next 100 years when the Republic is at risk over the next 15 years.

Bankruptcy, simply defined is when we no longer have the resources (money) to meet our obligations. Since the United States left the gold standard we have relied upon our ability to produce goods and services or GDP as a means to guarantee the nations’ debt. Not since World War II has our debt exceeded our GDP. In fact the percentage of debt vs. GDP fell steadily until 1980 when it reached a low of 33.3%. Since then it has risen each year to 90.4% in 2009 and expected to exceed 100% under the Obama administration.

The ugly truth is that the forecasts do not recognize the unfunded liabilities for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid beyond 2014. At some point in the near future the United States must choose between “bankruptcy”, raising taxes or reducing benefit payments to the promised beneficiaries. These alternatives are all politically verging on suicide, but a reality that must be faced by our citizenry and elected representatives. History has shown that in the 30 years between 1950 and 1980 we took the national debt from 94.1% of GDP in 1950 to a low of 33.3% in 1980. That record was not due to government but the private sector steadily increasing the gross domestic product. Government needs to get out of the way of the private enterprise system and allow the ingénues and industrious private sector of the economy to flourish once again.

Scrap the intrusive legislation for the environment and health care and concentrate on a process to become energy independent through utilizing our existing oil reserves and nuclear power while rewarding invention for clean coal, natural gas, solar and wind technology development. That focus, coupled with tax relief for small business, will create a ground swell of employment and lead us out of our economic slump while increasing revenues for sustaining the country’s infrastructure and reducing the national debt. These actions have been shown to work after WWII and can work again if Congress is responsible and restrained in their spending.

This generation need not worry about global warming but that an out of control Congress will enslave our children and grandchildren with a debt that cannot be repaid. Ultimately, these actions will lead to the destruction of our Republic. Insist that our elected representatives return to the values and principles contained in the Constitution and encourage capitalism as the free enterprise engine for America.