Generation Y (“Millenials”) and Their Critical 2010 Vote

by Jayne D. Frank

As frustration and anger over our government’s current domestic and foreign policy increases, conservative Americans are now focused on taking back Congress in 2010 as well as the Presidency in 2012. This is obviously the only hope one has now since the Obama bullet train has left the tracks and is speeding towards total fiscal irresponsibility, decreasing military presence and morale and a growing welfare state. However, we cannot possibly achieve our goals of taking over Congress and the White House and putting our country back on the right track until we understand why Obama won in the first place because it is destined to happen again without an “intervention” of thought and action on our part. Millenials are those approximately 60 million people born between 1974 and 1990 that accounted for 24 million votes in the 2008 election. This generation was born into a peacetime, growing high-tech society, the sons and daughters of a late-blooming, late-to-everything Baby Boomer generation. The work ethic of the post World War II generation and their children, was soon giving way to kids brought up in a world where their communication skills were fostered through having them babysat by computers, MP3 players, cell phones, and virtual games. Teachers in their classes no longer applauded or recognized excellence, but rather surrounded students with an environment where expression and acceptance was the norm, where no one is better than anyone else and no one loses and a pat on the back is the most you should expect. As a result, these students graduated not with knowledge of how to behave in a business and corporate society where excellence, attendance and hard work were expected and rewarded, but rather expected everyone else to conform to what they wanted and felt; many of them still jump from job to job without commitment or loyalty to any. All this generation understood going into the beginning of the elections, particularly where Barack Obama was concerned, was that certain things were acceptable to them in life, e.g., allowing gays to marry, divorcing as opposed to working it out with your spouse, or just not getting married at all. Most of this generation had no ties anymore to an institutional form of religion, and they, in large numbers, lacked the personal responsibility training and background, to care about such things as moving out of their parents’ house and taking care of themselves, buying their own insurance, and preparing to have families of their own. With all of their technologically advanced skills, this was such a fertile ground and population for the Obama campaign to latch on for their victory. Obama’s team emailed, twittered used the internet, day and night, to win the hearts and souls of this group, giving them flowery promises, and giving “false meaning” to their lives and manipulating them into a frenzy for the star power that he represented. And win they did, overwhelmingly with the Millenials; a full 66% share of the vote among 18-29 year olds. Patriotic and disgusted Americans have done much over the past 10 months to try and stop .the socialism of our country; tea parties, communication with their representatives, blogs, trips to Washington; and we have done it solely for the future of our children and Generation Y. My family counts itself as among those demonstrating our rejection of the government’s present policies and attending those rallies and protests. But nothing will change in 2010 until we all learn why Obama won and who gave him that win. We will not take back the Congress or Presidency until we present cogent and persuasive arguments to the Millenial Generation about why government-run healthcare, our cap and trade legislation and unchecked congressional spending, are all a disaster and why Obama’s policies will result in higher taxes for them and in their loss of the liberties and freedoms they so enjoy – even the loss of their internet and communication liberties that they hold so dear. Just like Generation X before them, who are in the peak of their earning power, establishing families and looking to share in the investment prosperity their parents had, the Millenials will mature and grow wiser as they age, but it is OUR responsibility, during 2010, to focus our efforts a great deal on educating and bringing under our wing, this important voter group in trying to get them to see through the smoke and mirrors, articulate, eloquent speeches of their leader, and hope that we will not be too late. Without a change in the direction of our Government, Generation Y will be, along with their children, indebted forever, and will have forfeited the freedoms and liberties enjoyed by prior generations.

4 Responses

  1. This article is an insult to my generation.

    To say that we don’t work hard and that its our fault that we aren’t rewarded.

    Companies don’t care about the low level employees because its all about the bottom line. We are expected to get degrees that cost many times what they used to cost in order to get jobs that don’t pay many times more than what they used to. Now that I’ve got this debt and a job I’m locked into, I can go buy a house that costs 5x what it did 20 years ago.

    Must be because we are so lazy.

    America is the most productive society in the world and yet our middle class isn’t reaping the reward.

    Housing, education, and health care costs have skyrocketed for little to no value added.

    What -is- the future for your children?

    • No one is saying is that your generation is lazy. What we are saying is that our political leaders in Congress have so distorted the Constitution with socialist legislation that they have removed the opportunity that our generation had to further the middle class. We need to return to the basics in the Constitution to give your generation the same opportunities as we had.

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