One Nation Under God

By Richard H. Frank

 The Declaration of Independence makes it clear that the Founders recognized the existence of a Creator and the laws of nature and nature’s God.  They knew that unalienable rights were not bestowed upon them by men but by the Creator. Unalienable rights, they believed, came directly from God and were not in the province of mankind, kings, emperor nor any governmental authority. Further they recognized that freedom cannot survive unless their Republic and Constitution is based upon virtuous and morally strong principles. These principles flow directly from the Bible taking their substance from the Ten Commandments as well as additional laws found in Judea / Christian doctrine.

Critics would contend that this precept is in direct violation to “separation of church and state” as required by the Constitution. This argument is fallacious in that the basic principles upon which our Constitution is built are present in every religious doctrine regardless of sect or denomination. All religions recognize a divine entity as the source of creation. Call that entity God, Allah, Buddha or the cosmos there is recognition that a power greater than man is the ultimate authority over the universe. Principles for virtue and morality do not in any way violate the Constitution but serve to strengthen the document. Even atheists have to acknowledge that nature’s law is universal in application and become the basis for reason, a faculty possessed by man alone among all species in creation. Reason reveals that natural law cannot be altered by man, as the factors are absolute and unalterable. As such the proof is undisputed, that whether you believe in God or not, there is a power greater than man possessing principles that are basic and comprehended by the human mind as correct and moral in their application.

To those individuals offended by the precept of God, upon which our Constitutional Republic is founded, I say, you can exercise your freedom to seek refuge elsewhere. You have the right to express your beliefs openly and without fear. However, you do not have a right to restrict others from honoring the principles upon which this Nation was founded.  “One Nation Under God” with Liberty and Justice for all!


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