No Champion for Conservatism

By Richard H. Frank

 On Saturday November 21st my wife and I attended a rally at the” Villages” in Florida with Glenn Beck as the featured speaker. Contrary to some press reports the rally attracted thousands of concerned citizens; many, as would be expected, were seniors.

Glenn’s message focused on the country being on the wrong path that, if continued, would lead to failure of our monetary system and ultimately the tyranny of a Marxist regime. We need only look to history and the failure of other world governments to see that the road signs that led to their demise are present in America today. The founders warned against unchecked government growth, excesses in welfare, redistribution of wealth, government control of the nation’s resources, and increasing unsustainable debt.

Congress and the Obama administration have made a mockery of the Constitution. The political maneuvering and liberal interpretation of the powers granted to the government under the Constitution in the guise of providing for the “general welfare” are unlimited. Unconstitutional legislative actions have taken place by both Republican and Democratic controlled legislatures and thus both parties are equally responsible for the economic and social mess in the U.S. today.

Glenn Beck said he has been looking for a leader to emerge that embraces the principles embodied within the Constitution by our founders. Unfortunately, many of us agree that such a leader has not stepped up to champion the cause for true Constitutional Conservatives. By Constitutional Conservatives I don’t mean Libertarians.

I, like many radical citizens, believe that we must take control and lead our political representatives to reclaim our country under the constitution they have sworn to protect and defend. When is the last time you have heard any Congressman or Senator criticize any of his contemporaries, or the President, by name unless it happened to be George W. Bush? I’m sick and tired of representatives participating in “political doubletalk” for fear they may offend some minority or special interest group. The issues confronting this country today are the life or death issues for the United States of America as we have known it for the past 233 years.

Corruption in politics, manipulation of our financial systems by Congress and the continuing erosion of our rights through liberal, progressive redistribution of wealth must be stopped if the country is to survive.

Glenn Beck announced a plan for “we the people” to lead the way back to the principles of freedom upon which the country was founded. He stated, “Education is the key”! Conventions focusing on self-reliance, community organizing, the economy and our free enterprise system are planned for 7 regions in the country over the coming year. Teaching conservatives to recruit our neighbors to our cause and register voters legally will work for us as well as for liberals. These conventions will be followed by a meeting in Washington D.C. on August 28, 2010 where community organizing elements (912 groups) for the movement will prepare our list of demands for our representatives in congress. The message will be straight forward and simple. “Listen and act accordingly” or seek a new profession as you will be replaced!

If Nancy Pelose and Harry Reid think this movement is “Astroturf”, they need to experience first hand, as I did, the passion and commitment of those Constitutional Conservatives demonstrated when asked to dedicate their lives and fortunes to save this country for their children and grandchildren. BELIEVE IT! THIS IS NO DRILL! We will help Congress to find the intestinal fortitude (guts) to live by the Constitution, or we will throw them out and find someone who will.

To quote a line from the movie “Network”, “We’re mad as hell and won’t take it any more”!

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