Amnesty for a Vote

by Richard H. Frank

We continue to hear about the plight of an estimated  12 to 20 million undocumented aliens (formerly illegal aliens) from the liberal progressives in Congress. They would have us believe that these individuals are exploited by unscrupulous employers who take advantage of their being in this country  illegally and engage in sweat shop abuses while paying unlivable wages. Further they would have us believe that these individuals live in the shadows, fearful that the NIS is waiting around every corner laying in wait to arrest them and separate them from their families awaiting deportation.  The liberal justification for giving these individuals amnesty is that they supposedly fill a need by doing jobs that American citizens don’t want to do or refuse to do. Additionally, amnesty proponents state that they contribute to the economic health of the nation.

Congress refuses to acknowledge that the situation surrounding illegal immigration is the direct result of failed political policy and failed law enforcement by our government. All administrations, Republican and Democrat, have refused to step up to the issue and thus many believe the answer is amnesty for all illegal aliens with a “path to citizenship”.

But what is congress to do for the 12.6 million legal resident aliens (green card holders) who have played by the rules, in the case of many, for decades? These individuals have not broken the law to gain entry to the United States. They have obtained the proper work visas and permits, paid taxes and gladly register with the selective service system, whereas many naturally born citizens do not. The path to citizenship for these legal aliens is clearly documented and adhered to by the majority of them.  

So Congress, what do you propose for legal resident aliens should legislation be proposed for amnesty for illegal aliens? What more can you do to make our fouled up immigration system more screwed up with increased bureaucracy?

With the unemployment rate officially at 10.2% according to the Federal Government, realistically approaching 18% if the truth were reported, and Congress mortgaging our children’s future, the immigration problem can no longer be ignored. We need not have Congress create another legislative fiasco like the stimulus bill and proposed cap and trade or the health care bill to fix the immigration problem. We need to secure our borders and enforce existing law.

Those in congress who support amnesty as a cure are either fools, or have motives that need to be questioned politically. Amnesty for a vote should not be their motive.

Amnesty granted in the past has only served to encourage further abuse of our system and resulted in the chaos we have today. The real cure is to strengthen the border patrol and secure both the southern and northern borders of the United States. Illegal aliens should be granted a period of moratorium from prosecution for repatriation to their country of origin by voluntary surrender to the NIS.   

Preferential treatment for legal resident aliens should be afforded to those individuals that have followed the law before any illegal individual is allowed to apply for re-entry to the U.S. under existing immigration law. We must recognize those individuals that have respected the letter of the law to gain entry and pursue a path to citizenship before rewarding those who have broken our law in gaining access to this country.

Congress, now is the time to drive a stake in the ground.  Strengthen the border patrol to secure the borders. Prosecute employers who hire illegal aliens. Deport those who break our laws to enter this country illegally. Only through enforcement of existing law will this problem be solved. Stand up and do your job!


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