Trial by Ideology

by Richard H. Frank

Glenn Beck encourages us to “Question with boldness”,” Hold to the truth” and “Speak without fear”! So I have some questions for Attorney General Eric Holder regarding the decision to try the 911 conspirators in the New York Federal Court System.

  1. What defines the difference between a criminal act, terrorism and an act of war?
  2. When are the rights of American citizens afforded to enemy combatants?
  3. How do you envision our armed forces being required to read Miranda rights to the enemy on a foreign battlefield?
  4. Since when has “Political Correctness” replaced the principles enumerated in the Constitution by twisting the words in the document to fit a political ideology?
  5. Is the agenda to use the Federal Court System a means to exclude evidence procured on the battle field?

During his news conference Holder described the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center and the USS Cole as being terrorist acts. Yet he says his decision to return the defendants to New York for trial is a “fundamental tenant of criminal law”. Additionally he stated the defendants were charged by Military Commission and referred for prosecution by that Commission. This decision was later suspended pending further investigation by the Justice Department and reform of the Military Commission Act by Congress. Apparently existing law didn’t fit the political agenda being espoused by the Obama administration.

So now we have a split decision for determining how we are to try detainees suspected of terrorist acts based upon the nature of the offense; location of the offense; identity of the individual and manner of the investigation. Woe be unto him that might be suspected of using enhanced interrogation methods to gain information from a terrorist.

It would appear that like our Constitution according to Obama, the Military Commission system is also flawed and it was necessary for Congress to change the Act to accommodate a new ideology. Such progressive, liberal ideology, if not kept in check will continue to erode our Constitution to the point of impotence. The long honored use of Military Tribunals as defined in the Constitution is now viewed as detrimental for a defendant receiving a fair trial.

Terrorism in any form is in fact an act of war. It is not a criminal enterprise that should be afforded all the protections under the Constitution. The decision by Attorney Eric Holder to try the 911 conspirators in Federal Court is another step in Obama’s crusade to fundamentally change America.

Wake up America! Continue to “Question with boldness”,”Hold to the truth” and Speak without fear”.

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