Generation Y (“Millenials”) and Their Critical 2010 Vote

by Jayne D. Frank

As frustration and anger over our government’s current domestic and foreign policy increases, conservative Americans are now focused on taking back Congress in 2010 as well as the Presidency in 2012. This is obviously the only hope one has now since the Obama bullet train has left the tracks and is speeding towards total fiscal irresponsibility, decreasing military presence and morale and a growing welfare state. However, we cannot possibly achieve our goals of taking over Congress and the White House and putting our country back on the right track until we understand why Obama won in the first place because it is destined to happen again without an “intervention” of thought and action on our part. Millenials are those approximately 60 million people born between 1974 and 1990 that accounted for 24 million votes in the 2008 election. This generation was born into a peacetime, growing high-tech society, the sons and daughters of a late-blooming, late-to-everything Baby Boomer generation. The work ethic of the post World War II generation and their children, was soon giving way to kids brought up in a world where their communication skills were fostered through having them babysat by computers, MP3 players, cell phones, and virtual games. Teachers in their classes no longer applauded or recognized excellence, but rather surrounded students with an environment where expression and acceptance was the norm, where no one is better than anyone else and no one loses and a pat on the back is the most you should expect. As a result, these students graduated not with knowledge of how to behave in a business and corporate society where excellence, attendance and hard work were expected and rewarded, but rather expected everyone else to conform to what they wanted and felt; many of them still jump from job to job without commitment or loyalty to any. All this generation understood going into the beginning of the elections, particularly where Barack Obama was concerned, was that certain things were acceptable to them in life, e.g., allowing gays to marry, divorcing as opposed to working it out with your spouse, or just not getting married at all. Most of this generation had no ties anymore to an institutional form of religion, and they, in large numbers, lacked the personal responsibility training and background, to care about such things as moving out of their parents’ house and taking care of themselves, buying their own insurance, and preparing to have families of their own. With all of their technologically advanced skills, this was such a fertile ground and population for the Obama campaign to latch on for their victory. Obama’s team emailed, twittered used the internet, day and night, to win the hearts and souls of this group, giving them flowery promises, and giving “false meaning” to their lives and manipulating them into a frenzy for the star power that he represented. And win they did, overwhelmingly with the Millenials; a full 66% share of the vote among 18-29 year olds. Patriotic and disgusted Americans have done much over the past 10 months to try and stop .the socialism of our country; tea parties, communication with their representatives, blogs, trips to Washington; and we have done it solely for the future of our children and Generation Y. My family counts itself as among those demonstrating our rejection of the government’s present policies and attending those rallies and protests. But nothing will change in 2010 until we all learn why Obama won and who gave him that win. We will not take back the Congress or Presidency until we present cogent and persuasive arguments to the Millenial Generation about why government-run healthcare, our cap and trade legislation and unchecked congressional spending, are all a disaster and why Obama’s policies will result in higher taxes for them and in their loss of the liberties and freedoms they so enjoy – even the loss of their internet and communication liberties that they hold so dear. Just like Generation X before them, who are in the peak of their earning power, establishing families and looking to share in the investment prosperity their parents had, the Millenials will mature and grow wiser as they age, but it is OUR responsibility, during 2010, to focus our efforts a great deal on educating and bringing under our wing, this important voter group in trying to get them to see through the smoke and mirrors, articulate, eloquent speeches of their leader, and hope that we will not be too late. Without a change in the direction of our Government, Generation Y will be, along with their children, indebted forever, and will have forfeited the freedoms and liberties enjoyed by prior generations.

One Nation Under God

By Richard H. Frank

 The Declaration of Independence makes it clear that the Founders recognized the existence of a Creator and the laws of nature and nature’s God.  They knew that unalienable rights were not bestowed upon them by men but by the Creator. Unalienable rights, they believed, came directly from God and were not in the province of mankind, kings, emperor nor any governmental authority. Further they recognized that freedom cannot survive unless their Republic and Constitution is based upon virtuous and morally strong principles. These principles flow directly from the Bible taking their substance from the Ten Commandments as well as additional laws found in Judea / Christian doctrine.

Critics would contend that this precept is in direct violation to “separation of church and state” as required by the Constitution. This argument is fallacious in that the basic principles upon which our Constitution is built are present in every religious doctrine regardless of sect or denomination. All religions recognize a divine entity as the source of creation. Call that entity God, Allah, Buddha or the cosmos there is recognition that a power greater than man is the ultimate authority over the universe. Principles for virtue and morality do not in any way violate the Constitution but serve to strengthen the document. Even atheists have to acknowledge that nature’s law is universal in application and become the basis for reason, a faculty possessed by man alone among all species in creation. Reason reveals that natural law cannot be altered by man, as the factors are absolute and unalterable. As such the proof is undisputed, that whether you believe in God or not, there is a power greater than man possessing principles that are basic and comprehended by the human mind as correct and moral in their application.

To those individuals offended by the precept of God, upon which our Constitutional Republic is founded, I say, you can exercise your freedom to seek refuge elsewhere. You have the right to express your beliefs openly and without fear. However, you do not have a right to restrict others from honoring the principles upon which this Nation was founded.  “One Nation Under God” with Liberty and Justice for all!


The Crisis Machine

By Richard H. Frank 

Barack Obama’s chief of staff Rahm Emanuel said, “Never let a crisis go to waste”. That statement seems to have been the mantra from the White House and Congress for decades. Here is just a short list of crises that have arisen and “not been allowed to go to waste.”

  1. Government ban on pesticides (DDT).
  2. Welfare in the form of aid to dependant children.
  3. 1973 OPEC oil crisis.
  4. Curtailment of nuclear power producing facilities.
  5. Ever recurring flu pandemics – 1957 to 2009.
  6. Aids pandemic.
  7. Destruction of the ozone layer.
  8. Millennium computer crisis.
  9. Global cooling – the coming ice age.
  10. Global warming – destruction of the planet.
  11. Weapons of mass destruction.
  12. Financial institutions – too big to fail.
  13. Chrysler and General Motors bailouts – bankruptcies.
  14. Economic stimulus to curb the growth of unemployment.
  15. Housing / commercial real estate collapse.
  16.  Mortgage backed securities crash.
  17. Automotive emissions / fuel economy standards.
  18. Americas crumbling infrastructure.
  19. Green energy development.
  20. Health care crisis.

If this list looks familiar to you, then you are acutely aware of the unintended consequences that accompanied the legislation aimed to resolve these crises. Close examination of this list raises serious questions as to the constitutionality of much of the legislation passed to resolve the alleged issue.

John Stossel wrote in a 2008 article titled “the Next Crisis” that “Crisis is a friend of the State. The Politicians are desperate to be seen as “showing leadership”, so we’re surely in for a new round of government interventions”. How right he was. Now we are being told that if Congress and the Obama administration does not act to pass “Affordable Health Care Reform” and “Environmental Reform Legislation” (Cap and Trade) we will surely see the demise of the economic system in the U.S. and possibly the end of the world resulting from increased greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere.

Please give us a break! I believe these cures are more destructive than the problems they purport to prevent. The free market and free enterprise systems possess the ingenuity and expertise to resolve all of these issues without leaving a trail of corpses in the wake of their solutions while incurring debt that will be borne by generations to come.

Those of us old enough to have lived through the 1970’s recall, only too well, the period of economic stagnation, inflation, unemployment and the misery index attributed to the Carter Administration’s policies. It appears as though we are about to enter the same malaise but accompanied by government spending the likes of which is unparalleled in the history of this country.

Government must get out of the way and once again allow the free enterprise system to fuel our economic engine and return the country to prosperity. Crisis management is best done in the private sector, not by government intrusion and regulation. Stimulate business by reducing taxes, incentivizing investment and encouraging innovation through invention. OTHERWISE, STAY THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY!

No Champion for Conservatism

By Richard H. Frank

 On Saturday November 21st my wife and I attended a rally at the” Villages” in Florida with Glenn Beck as the featured speaker. Contrary to some press reports the rally attracted thousands of concerned citizens; many, as would be expected, were seniors.

Glenn’s message focused on the country being on the wrong path that, if continued, would lead to failure of our monetary system and ultimately the tyranny of a Marxist regime. We need only look to history and the failure of other world governments to see that the road signs that led to their demise are present in America today. The founders warned against unchecked government growth, excesses in welfare, redistribution of wealth, government control of the nation’s resources, and increasing unsustainable debt.

Congress and the Obama administration have made a mockery of the Constitution. The political maneuvering and liberal interpretation of the powers granted to the government under the Constitution in the guise of providing for the “general welfare” are unlimited. Unconstitutional legislative actions have taken place by both Republican and Democratic controlled legislatures and thus both parties are equally responsible for the economic and social mess in the U.S. today.

Glenn Beck said he has been looking for a leader to emerge that embraces the principles embodied within the Constitution by our founders. Unfortunately, many of us agree that such a leader has not stepped up to champion the cause for true Constitutional Conservatives. By Constitutional Conservatives I don’t mean Libertarians.

I, like many radical citizens, believe that we must take control and lead our political representatives to reclaim our country under the constitution they have sworn to protect and defend. When is the last time you have heard any Congressman or Senator criticize any of his contemporaries, or the President, by name unless it happened to be George W. Bush? I’m sick and tired of representatives participating in “political doubletalk” for fear they may offend some minority or special interest group. The issues confronting this country today are the life or death issues for the United States of America as we have known it for the past 233 years.

Corruption in politics, manipulation of our financial systems by Congress and the continuing erosion of our rights through liberal, progressive redistribution of wealth must be stopped if the country is to survive.

Glenn Beck announced a plan for “we the people” to lead the way back to the principles of freedom upon which the country was founded. He stated, “Education is the key”! Conventions focusing on self-reliance, community organizing, the economy and our free enterprise system are planned for 7 regions in the country over the coming year. Teaching conservatives to recruit our neighbors to our cause and register voters legally will work for us as well as for liberals. These conventions will be followed by a meeting in Washington D.C. on August 28, 2010 where community organizing elements (912 groups) for the movement will prepare our list of demands for our representatives in congress. The message will be straight forward and simple. “Listen and act accordingly” or seek a new profession as you will be replaced!

If Nancy Pelose and Harry Reid think this movement is “Astroturf”, they need to experience first hand, as I did, the passion and commitment of those Constitutional Conservatives demonstrated when asked to dedicate their lives and fortunes to save this country for their children and grandchildren. BELIEVE IT! THIS IS NO DRILL! We will help Congress to find the intestinal fortitude (guts) to live by the Constitution, or we will throw them out and find someone who will.

To quote a line from the movie “Network”, “We’re mad as hell and won’t take it any more”!

Amnesty for a Vote

by Richard H. Frank

We continue to hear about the plight of an estimated  12 to 20 million undocumented aliens (formerly illegal aliens) from the liberal progressives in Congress. They would have us believe that these individuals are exploited by unscrupulous employers who take advantage of their being in this country  illegally and engage in sweat shop abuses while paying unlivable wages. Further they would have us believe that these individuals live in the shadows, fearful that the NIS is waiting around every corner laying in wait to arrest them and separate them from their families awaiting deportation.  The liberal justification for giving these individuals amnesty is that they supposedly fill a need by doing jobs that American citizens don’t want to do or refuse to do. Additionally, amnesty proponents state that they contribute to the economic health of the nation.

Congress refuses to acknowledge that the situation surrounding illegal immigration is the direct result of failed political policy and failed law enforcement by our government. All administrations, Republican and Democrat, have refused to step up to the issue and thus many believe the answer is amnesty for all illegal aliens with a “path to citizenship”.

But what is congress to do for the 12.6 million legal resident aliens (green card holders) who have played by the rules, in the case of many, for decades? These individuals have not broken the law to gain entry to the United States. They have obtained the proper work visas and permits, paid taxes and gladly register with the selective service system, whereas many naturally born citizens do not. The path to citizenship for these legal aliens is clearly documented and adhered to by the majority of them.  

So Congress, what do you propose for legal resident aliens should legislation be proposed for amnesty for illegal aliens? What more can you do to make our fouled up immigration system more screwed up with increased bureaucracy?

With the unemployment rate officially at 10.2% according to the Federal Government, realistically approaching 18% if the truth were reported, and Congress mortgaging our children’s future, the immigration problem can no longer be ignored. We need not have Congress create another legislative fiasco like the stimulus bill and proposed cap and trade or the health care bill to fix the immigration problem. We need to secure our borders and enforce existing law.

Those in congress who support amnesty as a cure are either fools, or have motives that need to be questioned politically. Amnesty for a vote should not be their motive.

Amnesty granted in the past has only served to encourage further abuse of our system and resulted in the chaos we have today. The real cure is to strengthen the border patrol and secure both the southern and northern borders of the United States. Illegal aliens should be granted a period of moratorium from prosecution for repatriation to their country of origin by voluntary surrender to the NIS.   

Preferential treatment for legal resident aliens should be afforded to those individuals that have followed the law before any illegal individual is allowed to apply for re-entry to the U.S. under existing immigration law. We must recognize those individuals that have respected the letter of the law to gain entry and pursue a path to citizenship before rewarding those who have broken our law in gaining access to this country.

Congress, now is the time to drive a stake in the ground.  Strengthen the border patrol to secure the borders. Prosecute employers who hire illegal aliens. Deport those who break our laws to enter this country illegally. Only through enforcement of existing law will this problem be solved. Stand up and do your job!


Trial by Ideology

by Richard H. Frank

Glenn Beck encourages us to “Question with boldness”,” Hold to the truth” and “Speak without fear”! So I have some questions for Attorney General Eric Holder regarding the decision to try the 911 conspirators in the New York Federal Court System.

  1. What defines the difference between a criminal act, terrorism and an act of war?
  2. When are the rights of American citizens afforded to enemy combatants?
  3. How do you envision our armed forces being required to read Miranda rights to the enemy on a foreign battlefield?
  4. Since when has “Political Correctness” replaced the principles enumerated in the Constitution by twisting the words in the document to fit a political ideology?
  5. Is the agenda to use the Federal Court System a means to exclude evidence procured on the battle field?

During his news conference Holder described the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center and the USS Cole as being terrorist acts. Yet he says his decision to return the defendants to New York for trial is a “fundamental tenant of criminal law”. Additionally he stated the defendants were charged by Military Commission and referred for prosecution by that Commission. This decision was later suspended pending further investigation by the Justice Department and reform of the Military Commission Act by Congress. Apparently existing law didn’t fit the political agenda being espoused by the Obama administration.

So now we have a split decision for determining how we are to try detainees suspected of terrorist acts based upon the nature of the offense; location of the offense; identity of the individual and manner of the investigation. Woe be unto him that might be suspected of using enhanced interrogation methods to gain information from a terrorist.

It would appear that like our Constitution according to Obama, the Military Commission system is also flawed and it was necessary for Congress to change the Act to accommodate a new ideology. Such progressive, liberal ideology, if not kept in check will continue to erode our Constitution to the point of impotence. The long honored use of Military Tribunals as defined in the Constitution is now viewed as detrimental for a defendant receiving a fair trial.

Terrorism in any form is in fact an act of war. It is not a criminal enterprise that should be afforded all the protections under the Constitution. The decision by Attorney Eric Holder to try the 911 conspirators in Federal Court is another step in Obama’s crusade to fundamentally change America.

Wake up America! Continue to “Question with boldness”,”Hold to the truth” and Speak without fear”.

Twenty, Six and Eleven. Powers Granted Under the Constitution

By Richard H. Frank

Given the powers enumerated in Articles I, II and III of the Constitution, adopted to severely limit the authority of the Federal Government,  how can the Congress, the President and the Supreme Court justify much of the legislation that has become law over the past 40 years?

Congress would have us believe that the commerce clause and providing for the general welfare gives them blanket authority to legislate whatever they deem appropriate. This is contrary to the intent of the Founders and is explicit in the Tenth Amendment.  Over the past 40 years Congress and the Executive Branch of our government have exceeded their authority granted under the Constitution. Much of the social legislation passed by Congress and signed into law in recent decades is not the province of the Federal government but should have resided with the States. The same is true of the pending Health Care Bill working its way through Congress today and should be challenged on the basis of being non-constitutional.

 Tests for legislation being constitutional needs to be applied to bank bailouts, takeover of the auto Industry, economic stimulus and all other social programs leading to redistribution or leveling as defined by the Founders. The Founders warned against the “welfare state” and Jefferson wrote,” If we can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people, under the pretense of taking care of them, they must become happy.” Jefferson also warned against deficit spending and stated it was immoral for one generation to pass on the results of its extravagance in the form of debt to the next generation.

The Founders had no crystal ball enabling them to foretell the future but relied upon history when analyzing the successes and failures of other forms of governments. They did everything they felt possible to write a constitution in a manner to protect the people from government taking them toward socialism or communism. However, government has moved away from the basic principles that the Constitution was built upon and today we find we are faced with the very problems the Founders warned against.

The creation of federal agencies allowed imposing regulations and restrictions, issuance of Presidential executive orders, all without constitutional authority, have become accepted practices as having the force of Law. Precedent must not replace the Constitution. We must assure that our elected representatives adhere to the principles of the constitution which they are sworn to preserve, protect and defend. Should they not uphold these principles we must either recall them or vote them out of office.

The Tenth Amendment is clear in stating,” The powers not delegated to the United States (Federal Government) by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people”.  We must return the balance of power enumerated in the Constitution to the States by repeal of the Seventeenth Amendment and again allow the State legislatures to appoint senate representatives. No longer should the Federal Government be allowed to bypass the states in disregard of the constitution when passing legislation. The States are sovereign republics under the Constitution and must retain the power to check an oppressive Central (Federal) Government.