The Demoralization of American Society

by Jayne D. Frank

How did we get to the point that a large number of people under 55 and their children have found themselves mesmerized by a man who despises this Country, apologizes for it regularly overseas, sees nothing to be proud of in its citizenry, its free enterprise system and the prosperity that has made America one of the great superpowers?  Looking back over time, much of this started with the permissive, guilt-ridden malaise that followed the Vietnam War.    Some liberals were ashamed of the war and of America and blamed everything on our capitalistic, militaristic and conservative society.  To effect a change, many former radicals started organizing even back in the 60’s, and quietly influenced many changes which I remember:

The dumbing down of our schools in the 70s, where merit and hard work were not rewarded and those students pushed aside to bring forward those marginal students and reward them for “just trying”.  The idea was to “make them “feel” important and not left behind.  As a result, the whole curriculum of schools changed to one of pandering to the less academically gifted, not those students who wanted to learn, to excel and to further themselves as achievers in our society.  Only through good parenting back then did many of those top students go on to make their own way in the world as our engineers, our doctors, CEOs, scientists and entrepreneurs.

Oh yes, good parenting.  Those parents that gave their children strict guidelines as to how to conduct themselves with honor, respect and integrity in society, and were able to properly punish those actions not in line with those guidelines, would soon find themselves in the 70’s with radical ideas of how we should all just “get along”.  Unfortunately, getting along to many radicals meant easing up on your kids and taking away the parenting skills and teachings that made, and make, young people good citizens and properly functioning members of society.  You no longer could discipline your kids for fear of retribution and mocking.   Children no longer were taught manners, respect for their elders or for authority in schools and elsewhere, and generally were given free rein to disagree verbally and loudly with parents and teachers.  As a result, you have kids now running through doors almost knocking older people down, running around restaurants instead of sitting quietly until done.  Children interrupt parents constantly while on the phone, they don’t know how to answer the phone themselves, and they often mouth off to their parents and all figures of authority including those at school, policemen, etc.  When they start their careers, they expect the rewards to come quickly, with less hours and with less work than previous generations encountered.  They are often disillusioned with the amount of work required for a paycheck and often jump from job to job without any built in regard for loyalty or commitment.

When all this was happening at home, during the late 70’s and early 80’s, some bright genius thought it important to continue to dumb down our students by not teaching them how to spell.  Spelling phonetically became the new rage and as a result you have a huge number of young people in this country that can’t spell and can’t write a decent letter, article or even carry on an internet conversation or email.  You have all seen the sentences without periods, no capitalization, and no correct use of grammar that permeated the internet blogs.  How can these people even aspire to get a job with no ability to communicate?

Growing up in peacetime made people selfish.  They were let off easy by their parents, they glided into adolescence and young adulthood not knowing war, sacrifice, pride, self-esteem and having any real dreams for their future.  Used to getting everything, that “let someone else do it” attitude became the foundation for many of our social welfare programs.  Isn’t it easier just to go down to the local government office and get some money, than to go out and do whatever you have to do to support yourself.  Their parents and grandparents did it, but not them!  They were not raised that way.

Working its’ way through every niche of society, quietly and insidiously, was the notion that to pray in school was bad because it would offend someone, that to have the Ten Commandments or a nativity scene in a public square was discriminatory, and that to invoke the name of God was discouraged anywhere except church for the same reason.  That in itself should have set off the alarms of a crisis coming long ago.

Because of this malaise of the country talked about above, millions of illegal immigrants started pouring into America years ago, to take the jobs no one wanted anymore, and to take those “opportunities” which would make their life better than it was before. There is nothing inherently wrong with this.  What was and is wrong, is our continuing obsession with “just getting along” which is leading to a lower standard of living in this  Country, lawlessness among many immigrant communities, continuing influx into our country of illegals and an ever increasing debt for this Country that cannot be sustained by future generations.

So the social reprogrammers and elitists spread out into every section of society – our universities, our government and the ever growing number of government agencies,  healthcare and oh yes, they become second generation parents all too willing to pass on the liberalism that engulfed their lives.

What does all this have to do with Liberty?  In their 30-40 year quest to become more liberal, more free and more able to do what they want, the generation growing up in the 70s (and their anti-war parents), ended up with a Country that is more oppressive to individual liberties, with more programs and policies that penalize the free enterprise system and hinder personal career growth, and this will continue until we are living under a socialism or Marxist regime.  Utopia gone awry…..

Is it too late to get back to family values and respect and instill in our children that only God should be idolized and worshipped.   Can we bring back integrity and  honor to what Americans stand for?  Can we save our Republic?  2010 may be our last opportunity……

October 21, 2009

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