How to Destroy a Free Enterprise System


The engine that has driven the economic growth and prosperity realized in the United States since the Declaration of Independence is the Free Enterprise System with its roots firmly established in Capitalism. Over the past 40 years there has been a slow focused attack on the principles of the Free Enterprise System. The attack is characterized by excessive regulation, legislative barriers to entry, and punitive tax policies all of which have their genesis in Government.   

The Market place has been the force that inspired invention, investment, employment and prosperity. The price for goods and services is based on competition and new technological development. Today these key elements of the market have all been suppressed or eliminated by Government interference, beyond that envisioned in the Constitution, such that the Free Market has been dealt a crippling blow. Nowhere in the Constitution is the Government given the power to bail out banks, take over private industry and remove their board of directors and create legislation that ultimately forces private industry out of business in favor of Government mandated socialized programs.

Government has never created any job that produces a product to serve the Free Market.  Government’s purpose is to provide for the national defense and maintain those services paid for by the citizenry necessary to maintain order and safety of the populous. Somewhere along the way politicians have accepted the belief that they are better able to determine what the country needs than to let the Free Market forces work as they have over the past 230 years. As a result we have lost the manufacturing base in the country, experienced a continuous loss of jobs to foreign countries and created a negative business investment environment within the financial community.

The value of the dollar continues to be eroded in the world market and if not corrected will lead to hyper-inflation in the U.S. and put us on a path to becoming a second or third world economic force.

Should our Government continue to pursue policies of redistribution, which were so repulsive to the Founders, nationalization of natural resources and interference with the Free Enterprise System our way of life in this country will be altered forever. The Obama promise to “fundamentally change” this country is a step in the direction to destroy the greatest Free Enterprise System in the history of the world. 

October 12, 2009

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